5 tips to keep your presentation on time

Effective presentations stay on message and on time

Along with offering the wrong material, one of the bigger mistakes a presenter can make is running too long. Some presenters take a cavalier attitude toward time, especially if they’re speaking in the evening. Regardless of when your presentation occurs, stay on time. It shows respect and a level of professionalism. These tips will help you.

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Develop an outline and script The framework for your presentation, an outline creates order and structure. Your notes or script, developed from your outline, keep you on message and on time. Speakers who try to “wing it” during either the research stage or the presentation itself often end up with an incoherent speech that wanders aimlessly and goes well over the allotted time.

Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse The best way to know whether you’re on time is to do a full rehearsal. Don’t quicken your pace or cut corners. If, for example, you want to use 10 minutes for a group exercise, stop your rehearsal for 10 minutes. Walk away, and do some chores or other tasks to burn that time.

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Leave a lasting impression when you give a presentation

Enjoy a successful presentation by leaving a lasting impression

What can a veterinarian, one-time bungee jumper, and a public speaker offer a roomful of entrepreneurs? A lot, when the message is packaged properly. And there is a lesson in that.

One evening I had the pleasure of attending a presentation by Morgan McArthur, DVM, of New Berlin, Wis. Though funny and entertaining, McArthur understood his mission: keep the message meaningful to his audience. As a business owner and budding professional speaker, I gleaned several good morsels from his talk.

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McArthur, the 2000 Toastmasters World Champion of Public Speaking, challenged the 150-plus entrepreneurs in attendance to expand their horizons. He recalled how standing on the platform high above a river in New Zealand made him think twice about bungee jumping. He found meaning in the leap he eventually took.

“The edge of the bridge is the edge of your comfort zone,” he said, adding that we should “move from the comfort zone to the learning zone.”

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Don’t let a little nervousness get in the way of a great speech

Nervousness is common with all speakers, even the most experienced ones.  Put that anxiety to work for you by channeling the extra energy into your delivery. You will be more animated and come across more forcefully. Your confidence builds as you notice the effect this has on your audience. You may still notice a little nervousness … Read more

More tips for an effective presentation

For many business people, public speaking is a basic component of the job. Whether leading staff meetings or speaking before civic and trade groups, owners and managers give countless speeches and business presentations.

As they prepare, most speakers focus only on the subject matter, and give little thought to the fundamentals of speaking. Even if you are giving a PowerPoint presentation, you need to consider your participation. Study these tips for a more effective presentation next time.

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Suggestions for your next presentation

Some random suggestions to consider as you prepare for your next presentation.  * Clothing and jewelry should be plain and simple. Large, gaudy pins and earrings can be distracting. Tone down the jewelry, and wear simple prints or solids. * Eat light beforehand, and watch certain foods. Dairy products and sweets make you clear your throat, … Read more