Don’t let a little nervousness get in the way of a great speech

Nervousness is common with all speakers, even the most experienced ones.  Put that anxiety to work for you by channeling the extra energy into your delivery. You will be more animated and come across more forcefully. Your confidence builds as you notice the effect this has on your audience.

You may still notice a little nervousness creeping in from time to time. Much of that is self-induced, as we are naturally self-conscious. While in front of groups we are assessing our performance and wondering what the audience is thinking. We assume they are finding fault with every aspect of the presentation. This leads to self-doubt, which breeds nervousness.

Also, occasionally throughout your presentation you may experience a brief hiccup in your delivery. Perhaps you forget a line or the laptop fails to deliver the next slide. Those will cause some nervousness.  Just plow on. You will soon be rolling along smoothly.

Keep in mind that not every audience member will offer you a friendly smile when you glance out. Many will be staring off in the distance or at the floor as if distracted. Some are. Others are actually focusing on your material. Concentrate on your presentation, and you will do well.

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4 thoughts on “Don’t let a little nervousness get in the way of a great speech”

  1. Edmund: Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, I am on Twitter (@TomFuszard), as well as Facebook. You can find my profile and fan pages by searching by my name. (There are 4 Tom Fuszard pages. I believe mine show up 1st and 4th on the list.) Please feel free to “friend” my profile and “like” my growing fan page (Tom Fuszard’s Network Marketing…). I will do the same for your pages (please send me the URL of your fan page, if you have it). Finally, you’re welcome to attend my webinars this Wednesday and Thursday. Look me up on Facebook for details. – Tom

  2. Stephanie: I appreciate the compliments. If you’re really struggling with fear associated with public speaking, consider joining a Toastmasters Club. You will develop your confidence and hone your presentation skills in a casual, friendly environment. Find a club via One of my videos touches on proper eye contact. You may find that of value, and you can view it here: Thanks for stopping by. – Tom

  3. Another thing I often tell people, Pete, is to channel that energy into the presentation. It can help them become more animated, which builds enthusiasm and interest in the audience. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Great post you got here. A great one especially for people starting out. Nervousness was definitely something that bothered me before. Now, it’s a mere thing to laugh about lol People want to see a confident leader. Being nervous isn’t bad but it should not drag on and ruin whatever presentation your doing. Keep it up my friend!


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