8 more tips for a successful presentation

How to give a successful presentation

Public speaking is fun, and it can be very rewarding with the proper preparation. The following presentation tips will ensure a successful presentation next time.

how to give presentations

1. Prepare well. Even if you’ve given this presentation before, start from scratch. Establish a goal or objective for your presentation. What do you want your audience to know or do at the conclusion of your presentation? Use that to develop an outline. The outline will keep you focused on your objective.

Do your research. Could be online, off-line; maybe even include some interviews. The more effort you put in, the more effective your presentation will be.

2. Develop a checklist of your needs. You’ll include the usual items (laptop and projector, for example), but don’t forget a marker and/or pointer, your reading glasses, and other details. Don’t rely on memory. It’s too easy to forget those things.

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Preparation minimizes miscues during presentations

Despite the amount of preparation put into a meeting or presentation, old Mr. Murphy may still pay a visit. Oftentimes it’s a result of overlooking a step. That’s why it’s a good idea to develop a checklist for each meeting.

Miscues I witnessed during various meetings serve as helpful reminders of the need for thorough planning. Some issues were encountered by the leader of the group, others by the presenter. Because you could be asked to handle either role, you should keep all these suggestions in mind.

Fill dead time: Two presenters scheduled early in the meeting arrived late to the conference. Luckily, the conference chairman brought along some material he could discuss while we waited for the presenters to arrive. Usually presenters arrive hours before a conference and sometimes even the night before. Even so, it’s always helpful to have some back-up material on hand. This can include a short presentation, some facts and figures on the group, a Q & A session, or discussion with members on important topics.

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Don’t let a little nervousness get in the way of a great speech

Nervousness is common with all speakers, even the most experienced ones.  Put that anxiety to work for you by channeling the extra energy into your delivery. You will be more animated and come across more forcefully. Your confidence builds as you notice the effect this has on your audience. You may still notice a little nervousness … Read more