How to greet your customers properly

How well do you and your employees greet your customers? Do you offer warm, friendly greetings? Or do you barf up the robotic, “How’re you doing?” when customers enter your business? I encountered just that sort of treatment while in the checkout line at the supermarket. It dawned on me that business people could use … Read more

Start off with good customer service

Improve customer service through initial actions A recent incident with a business taught me a lesson and offers reminders for everyone. This column is aimed at the provider, but customers can learn from it, too. 1. Be clear at the outset. Fully explain and define what you are offering. Provide all information in writing. If … Read more

Good customer service starts with the incoming call

How many times have you called a business and encountered the “voice mail tree”? Remember how many layers you had to go through to finally reach a live person? I’ll bet more than once you hung up in frustration. You know that good customer service starts with having a person answer the call.

Now consider this: If your company employs that system, known as an Automatic Call Distributor, your customers and prospects are probably encountering the same situation and acting the same way, by hanging up.

I faced that one day, and it was not fun. Needing some information about my cell phone account, I called my provider. (I should note that I have switched carriers for an unrelated reason, but this incident still offers a lesson.)

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