Stand behind your customers and products

Rarely does a TV show offer a great customer service lesson. But such was the case recently. It occurred during an episode of “Ask This Old House.” A customer contacted the show because his hot water heater crapped out. It was only 4 years old, and had been installed by Richard Trethewey, the plumbing/HVAC expert, … Read more

Start off with good customer service

Improve customer service through initial actions A recent incident with a business taught me a lesson and offers reminders for everyone. This column is aimed at the provider, but customers can learn from it, too. 1. Be clear at the outset. Fully explain and define what you are offering. Provide all information in writing. If … Read more

Have the customer’s name? Use it!

Effective customer service starts with the person’s name One of the key components of good customer service is a personalized response. That is, tailoring your solution and/or message to the person’s need(s). In this video, I zero in on the message: your reply to the complaint, question or comment. Specifically, do you use the person’s name? … Read more

Always keep customers informed about situation

Timely, accurate information a part of great customer service

Accurate and timely information is crucial any time a problem arises. Don’t leave your customers in the dark or confused. During a flight home from out east I experienced both good and bad customer service, and there are some lessons to be learned. (I had another memorable experience at an airport. This one entailed great customer service, and I wrote about it here.)

great customer service

The trip started in Harrisburg, Pa. I was scheduled to take the 1:50 p.m. flight to Detroit (#3829). The flight was delayed more than two hours due to bad weather. (Our jet, inbound from somewhere, was diverted to Pittsburgh, where it waited out the storm.) So there we sat patiently at gate A1. At one point the sign was changed to read flight 3965 to Detroit, and listed the departure time of 4:35.

We were puzzled. Do we stay at gate A1? The Delta employee kept saying that our flight would leave from A1.

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Great customer service is easy to deliver

We’ve all heard businesses claim that their customer service goes “above and beyond” and “exceeds your expectations.” What do those mean? Does your firm offer great customer service, and if so, how do you know?

good customer service, great customer service

I was the recipient of great customer service one day several years ago, and I remain thankful to this day.

My adventure began as I arrived for a flight out of O’Hare International Airport in April 2008.

Sue, a friendly Apple Vacations representative, greeted me as I approached the USA3000 ticket counter. While chatting with her I realized that I was toting someone else’s luggage. Mine, it turns out, had been given to the other traveler as he exited the hotel’s courtesy van moments before.

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