5 Simple Steps for Handling Customer Complaints

Nobody likes to deal with complaints. Indeed, most of us dread the task. We delay. Make excuses. Get a cup of coffee. Then another. As difficult as it is, try to view complaints in a positive manner. They allow you to address an issue that perhaps you didn’t know existed. “Silent sufferers” just go away, … Read more

Personalized contact enhances customer relationships

In this the digital age, when everyone can be connected to everyone (or nearly everyone) almost all the time, I wonder: how connected are we, especially to our customers? Sure, they can reach us at all hours with all sorts of means, but how in-touch are we with our customers? How many of these contacts … Read more

Random thoughts to improve your business operations

Over the years I’ve compiled an assortment of suggestions based on observations I’ve made. These include times when I’ve been a customer as well as a business partner. I share these tips in the hope that your business can benefit. In no particular order: Hit switch hook before hanging up. This applies when transferring a call … Read more

Stand behind your customers and products

Rarely does a TV show offer a great customer service lesson. But such was the case recently. It occurred during an episode of “Ask This Old House.” A customer contacted the show because his hot water heater crapped out. It was only 4 years old, and had been installed by Richard Trethewey, the plumbing/HVAC expert, … Read more

Use gender-specific pronoun when appropriate

Many writers and speakers engage in semantic gymnastics to avoid any hint (in their minds) of bias. One consequence is that the person often violates a basic rule of grammar. A perfect example involves the pronoun their. You might see (or hear) a sentence like this: “A friend of mine needs new tires on their … Read more