How to greet your customers properly

How well do you and your employees greet your customers? Do you offer warm, friendly greetings? Or do you barf up the robotic, “How’re you doing?” when customers enter your business? I encountered just that sort of treatment while in the checkout line at the supermarket. It dawned on me that business people could use … Read more

Always follow up on messages, Web postings

Reading the title of this post, you’re probably thinking, “Duh! Who wouldn’t follow up?” Amazingly, some people decide not to, showing a gap in their customer service skills. Several recent incidents point out the need for a brief refresher on how to provide good customer service.

The topic of customer service could fill volumes. I’ll restrict myself to a handful of paragraphs. What I experienced serves as a great illustration of what can happen to you. My incidents involved two people and an organization. Here are the bare facts:

Person A: I posted a message on his Facebook page inquiring about a product he once sold. I wanted to know if he still represented the product, as I might want to buy some one day.

Person B: I posted a message on her Facebook page inquiring about a networking group that I knew she used to participate in. Didn’t receive a response from her. 

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