Break the script during business networking events

Set yourself apart during business networking events

Picture this, a typical opening dialogue at a networking event:

“How’s it going?”

“Fine. And you?”

“Oh, fine.”

Then what? The conversation may improve, but it also may not. The problem, according to Steve Van Lieshout, PE, is that there’s nothing unique about the opening. After the short, customary exchange, the dialogue may die. To keep it going, you need to take a different approach; to “break the script,” as Steve calls it.

Standing outCo-owner of K & S Technologies in Milwaukee, Steve travels extensively for business and networks frequently. He shared his business networking tips during a networking event this morning.

In a nutshell, Steve says, make yourself as unique as possible. Don’t be a “commodity.” When asked how he’s doing, Steve, a cancer survivor, responds with, “It’s a great day to be alive!” That comment causes people to pause. The result is often a smile but more importantly, a more interesting conversation.

Show genuine interest in the other person, and get to know them better. Ask atypical questions, like “What do you do for fun?” and “What keeps you awake at night?”

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2 more tips for maximizing your business networking opportunity

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Business trade shows and expos are good networking opportunities

Consider business expos and trade shows as additional business networking sites

You know that attending business networking events is a crucial marketing strategy. You try to attend at least three networking events each month, right?

After reviewing all the networking opportunities in your area, you might wonder, Can’t there be something else? How about networking during trade shows and similar events?

how to give presentations

That’s right. Drum up business–or at least prospects–at trade shows and similar functions.

The twist here is that your focus isn’t on other attendees. Oh, I encourage you to chat with other guests. But for this exercise you will be prospecting to the exhibitors. That’s right: the vendor reps manning the booths.

This requires some tact and professionalism on your part. You are, after all, hitting on salespeople; that is, folks who are there to sell. They’re not supposed to spend time listening to sales pitches.

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