Ring in the new year with a renewed commitment to success

It’s that time of year again. Time to start implementing all those grand resolutions we make every year. On the professional side, we set new goals for ourselves, hoping again to do better than the year before.

I realize this sounds a bit sarcastic, and in a way it is. But that’s because many of our resolutions, especially those having to do with diet and exercise, tend to fall by the wayside rather quickly. Professional goals usually are taken more seriously, if only because the bottom line is on the line.

If you’re in network marketing / MLM, you have an extra set of responsibilities: that of your teammates. That may sound like a heavy burden, but remind yourself this: the more successful your teammates are, the more successful you are.

Let’s discuss how you can recommit to your teammates, then take a look at some goals for yourself.

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Be more disciplined with e-mail

Going through my e-mail the other day, I was reminded just how easy it can be to get swallowed up by all the forces out there biding for my attention. I have several e-mail accounts for business, and most get loaded with mail. One address averages around 30 messages a day. The other accounts receive less, but still garner … Read more

How valuable are your posts?

We hear and read a lot in the internet marketing community about the importance of providing value. About how generating great content on a consistent basis will help you build a following. You may advertise as well, but your posts are supposed to be predominantly of an informative nature. Keyboard for blogsMike Dillard says it very well: “You must be willing to give without want before you can have.”

Why is it, then, that people are relentlessly promoting their products and services in Twitter? (Facebook used to be just as bad, but has gotten better.) Forgive me for tooting my own horn, but you’ll notice from my Twitter account , this blog, and my YouTube channel that the vast majority of my posts have nothing to do with my businesses.

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Want to be successful? Put in the effort.

One thing I’ve learned in my short stint in the network marketing world is that there are no quick paths to wealth. Believe me, I wish I could just type a few keystrokes and watch the dollars roll in.

how to have a successful meetingPerhaps it’s due to our 24-hour, Internet- and cable TV-induced lifestyles that we always want instant gratification and reward. We don’t have the patience to nurture a process. Oh, there are still some folks out there claiming you can have incredible success, wealth, the nice home, and a hot babe (or hunk) quickly and effortlessly. Rational online marketers know that is not true. Unless you win the lottery, you have to work for that big paycheck.

Renowned author, speaker, coach and entrepreneur Dan Kennedy puts it so well in one of his blog columns,

“Part of the process is getting through of a lot of information in a hurry but also continuously. For nearly 25 years, I read a book a day plus newspapers, trade journals, newsletters, visited the public library weekly; took on a needed skill and so thoroughly and intensely studied it as to become a world class expert.”

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