How valuable are your posts?

We hear and read a lot in the internet marketing community about the importance of providing value. About how generating great content on a consistent basis will help you build a following. You may advertise as well, but your posts are supposed to be predominantly of an informative nature. Keyboard for blogsMike Dillard says it very well: “You must be willing to give without want before you can have.”

Why is it, then, that people are relentlessly promoting their products and services in Twitter? (Facebook used to be just as bad, but has gotten better.) Forgive me for tooting my own horn, but you’ll notice from my Twitter account , this blog, and my YouTube channel that the vast majority of my posts have nothing to do with my businesses. As a writer and speaker, I enjoy offering solid tips to help others write and speak better. Other posts offer advice on sales, marketing or customer service. Occasionally other topics will come to mind, such as a hobby or a trip, and I will post about those.Visitors have varied interests, and may find additional value in those items. If nothing else, they get to know me better.

Take a good, hard look at your posts. Are they predominantly of a salesy nature, or do you offer valuable content most of the time? If you’re struggling to develop a following, that could be one reason why.

Provide information that visitors can employ now to help them in their personal and professional lives. Offer tips on generating leads, handling objections, developing new processes, saving money…the list is nearly endless.

Ask yourself each time: What are my readers (or viewers) struggling with? They could use help in many ways, which means you have lots of topics to run with. Create and post your content with no expectation for return. Over time you will develop the respect and following you seek.

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