Ring in the new year with a renewed commitment to success

It’s that time of year again. Time to start implementing all those grand resolutions we make every year. On the professional side, we set new goals for ourselves, hoping again to do better than the year before.

I realize this sounds a bit sarcastic, and in a way it is. But that’s because many of our resolutions, especially those having to do with diet and exercise, tend to fall by the wayside rather quickly. Professional goals usually are taken more seriously, if only because the bottom line is on the line.

If you’re in network marketing / MLM, you have an extra set of responsibilities: that of your teammates. That may sound like a heavy burden, but remind yourself this: the more successful your teammates are, the more successful you are.

Let’s discuss how you can recommit to your teammates, then take a look at some goals for yourself.

1.Review the performance reports or statistics of your teammates. Identify, if possible, those who appear to be struggling, and single them out for some extra time.

2. Contact your team, individually if possible, and talk about strategies and goals. Find out what has worked and what hasn’t. Is it possible to tweak an existing campaign to make it successful? Or, is a particular approach one teammate is using just not right for that person? Suggest a different course of action. If you know of some good training available, suggest that to the teammate. Remind the person that any costs are to be viewed as investments in their future.

3. Brush up on any areas you think are valuable. Any new or revised strategies on the horizon? There has been some movement toward Craigslist as an advertising venue. Query your team. Anyone have experience with that or other lesser-known strategies? Schedule a webinar, and allow that person to co-host.

It’s good presentation experience, and it gives that person valuable exposure. Plus, it shows that you’re a team player as well. Your ego is in check, and you’re willing to put the spotlight on someone else.

4. Commit or recommit to a regular webinar schedule. Webinars are a very efficient way to communicate. Set aside time afterward for questions of a more personal nature. Some teammates may be shy about raising a question, even if they know they won’t be identified in full.

5. Remind your teammates that you are available, within reason, for calls and/or e-mails. Entrepreneurs understand that they must be self-driven, but they will have questions from time to time. Occasionally they just need someone to talk with. As their mentor, you take on that role.

6. Make a habit of recognizing the accomplishments of your teammates. This could be a first sale, the biggest sale, the most prospects called in a night; you get the idea. It is very heartwarming to be mentioned in a blog or Facebook post for a job well done.

Now, what about you?

In a similar vein, evaluate your performance. Review your stats and ask yourself: Are there areas I could improve in? What else should I do? What should I do differently? For example, what new strategy should I consider this year?

Consider calling your sponsor for a critical review. Accept any feedback with grace, and take the suggestions to heart. Your sponsor is looking out for your best interests (as well as his team’s, of course). Dive into any new course of action with enthusiasm.

You realize that professional development is key with any position. Search for training you can obtain. Keep in mind it could be in any facet of business; don’t limit yourself to just MLM-related courses.

Seek out training on sales, communication skills, motivation, team-building, bookkeeping and delegating…There are perhaps dozens of possibilities. Recommit to making professional development a key component this year.

As for your goals, set them higher than normal. Stretch yourself. Even if you don’t achieve all you set out to do, you’ll be much further ahead than you otherwise would be.

Continue to track your team’s performance. Encourage them along as needed. By the end of the year, there is a good chance everyone will have enjoyed a great 2012.


Want a process to help you make decisions? Try the SMART method. It is described in this blog post.  Another post offers some ideas on how to be a great leader.

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