Sales training techniques to help you succeed

Develop effective selling skills and you will prosper

Ongoing training is a must for any professional, but especially salespeople. I watch for relevant programs, and recently had the pleasure of attending a presentation by Mike Theisen, president of Sales Management & Marketing Solutions, LLC, of Waukesha, Wis.

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Mike has decades of sales and sales coaching experience. His seminar, “Building an Effective Sales Team,” covered a lot of ground in roughly 30 minutes. Here is a recap of just some of my notes.

Veteran salespeople remember the famous ABC “rule”: Always Be Selling.

Mike offers an improved version:

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Consultative selling leads to selling solutions

Solutions-based selling starts with the proper selling techniques

Selling involves more than merely taking an order and delivering a product or service. To be successful—and to stand apart from old-school salespeople—you need to develop a consultative selling approach. It’s a specialized sales technique that entails looking at the matter from the customer’s perspective. 

sales techniques, selling solutions

The buzz word today is “solution.” Salespeople often say they offer solutions for their clients or that they are solution providers. It’s easy to say, but requires a fair amount of thought and, in some cases, restraint, to implement. You must avoid the temptation to sell your entire portfolio or at least your most expensive products and services. A sincere salesperson considers himself or herself more of a partner or team member; hence the term consultative selling.

Even if your firm can offer a host of good solutions, your client may not need all at one time. He may not be able to afford them either. It’s OK to discuss future sales, but concentrate on immediate needs. Use your first sale, as modest as it might be, to establish your relationship. Provide exemplary service after the sale, and you’re more likely to be offered additional opportunities.

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