Writing well for social media is a must

writing for social media, writing and punctuation for social mediaPeople seem to forget–or just disregard–the importance of writing well for social media, even their personal accounts. Keep in mind that what you put out on social media becomes identified with you: It’s all part of your brand. And what you put on the Web stays on the Web.

PRNews Online offers six reasons why the rules of grammar still apply. Although the column is aimed at PR professionals, the reasons apply to everyone. Social media addicts should review that list, paying particular attention to Rules 2 and 3 (Professionalism and Respect). Do you want to be taken seriously? If so (and you should) adhere to the rules of grammar and punctuation while writing for social media.

Grammar and punctuation errors on social media (and forums, for that matter) are as varied as the writers themselves. But I’ve seen several types of mistakes time and again. Let’s review these. If any apply, make an effort to improve. (Of course, if your copy suffers other ailments, work on those as well.)

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Prospecting tip: Don’t hang up on closing businesses

rules for prospecing, tips for prospecting, better selling tips, successfull prospecting tipsYou’re making prospecting calls one day and come across a firm that is closing. Oh, well, you think to yourself, there are many more firms to call. And you dial up the next one.

Did it ever occur to you to continue the conversation, if even briefly? Did you ever consider the possibility that you could do some prospecting despite the firm’s misfortune?

You can, though for obvious reasons these are not high-value calls. The point is that you should take advantage of every opportunity to speak with business people. Even those in transition mode will land somewhere. You just never know what may become of those few moments on the phone.

This happened to me recently, and here is how I handled it.

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Sustainable business practices create win-win situation

sustainable, sustainable business practicesGreen business practices are good for all

Your business is “green,” right? You incorporate the most popular green business ideas and practices; you do your part. Good for you!

Have you ever stepped back and given your program a thorough review? Many businesses take piecemeal approaches to going green: turning off lights when not needed, recycling as much as possible, adjusting thermostats. But that is changing as the country–and the world–gradually adapt the concept of sustainability.

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Calm demeanor helps ensure great customer service

great customer service, good customer service, how to get customer serviceRecall the last time you had a problem with a product or service. What was your frame of mind? Did you want to stomp into that store (or pick up the phone) and chew someone’s butt? Not surprisingly, most people feel that way.

If choose to follow through on your rant, you may find that the reaction from the customer service person isn’t quite what you expected. You see, customer service people are humans, too, and can only take so much. They should be resilient, but even the best training doesn’t steel them for the worst barrage.

I’ve been there a number of times. In fact, I wrote about an incident I had many years ago. As I relate, I was ready to tear into the first teller I faced when I walked into the bank branch. Thankfully, I had calmed down by the time I entered the branch.

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Writers groups stoke those writing passions

writing tip, daily writing tip, writing classes, writing jobs, writers groupsDo you have a nail-biting whodunit inside you that is just itching to get out? Perhaps you’ve dreamed of writing for magazines. Or penning a blockbuster for the big screen. If these–and other–literary dreams need a little encouragement and assistance to become a reality, you might consider joining a writers group.

What is a writers group?

Also called a writers club, a writers group is a loose collection of writers who share their work and receive feedback from other members. Most groups are open, so you’ll encounter a wide variety of genres: fiction, nonfiction, poetry, screenwriting, blogs, magazines, and more.

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