Writing well for social media is a must

People seem to forget–or just disregard–the importance of writing well for social media, even their personal accounts. Keep in mind that what you put out on social media becomes identified with you: It’s all part of your brand. And what you put on the Web stays on the Web. PRNews Online offers six reasons why […]

Prospecting tip: Don’t hang up on closing businesses

You’re making prospecting calls one day and come across a firm that is closing. Oh, well, you think to yourself, there are many more firms to call. And you dial up the next one. Did it ever occur to you to continue the conversation, if even briefly? Did you ever consider the possibility that you […]

Sustainable business practices create win-win situation

Green business practices are good for all Your business is “green,” right? You incorporate the most popular green business ideas and practices; you do your part. Good for you! Have you ever stepped back and given your program a thorough review? Many businesses take piecemeal approaches to going green: turning off lights when not needed, […]

Calm demeanor helps ensure great customer service

Recall the last time you had a problem with a product or service. What was your frame of mind? Did you want to stomp into that store (or pick up the phone) and chew someone’s butt? Not surprisingly, most people feel that way. If choose to follow through on your rant, you may find that […]

Writers groups stoke those writing passions

Do you have a nail-biting whodunit inside you that is just itching to get out? Perhaps you’ve dreamed of writing for magazines. Or penning a blockbuster for the big screen. If these–and other–literary dreams need a little encouragement and assistance to become a reality, you might consider joining a writers group. What is a writers […]