Simple steps to improve your listening skills

With all the talk about honing our communication skills, we rarely hear about improving our listening skills. Yet those are just as important. Good listening skills are especially critical in a business environment. Listening attentively saves valuable time throughout your organization. As you know, time is money. People who listen carefully make fewer mistakes. Customer … Read more

Business Articles Get You Noticed

Asked to provide examples of marketing and public relations efforts, most people mention brochures, folders, advertising and news releases. Often overlooked are articles submitted to trade and business publications. That’s unfortunate. Articles offer great opportunities to promote your firm in a subtle way and get you noticed among your industry peers. Follow these guidelines to … Read more

5 Simple Steps for Handling Customer Complaints

Nobody likes to deal with complaints. Indeed, most of us dread the task. We delay. Make excuses. Get a cup of coffee. Then another. As difficult as it is, try to view complaints in a positive manner. They allow you to address an issue that perhaps you didn’t know existed. “Silent sufferers” just go away, … Read more

What public relations professionals can learn from editors

Public relations professionals, and especially newer practitioners, can glean valuable information talking directly with editors regarding story ideas. Editors are always open to queries, but time is limited. What if you could spend several moments with editors in person? That was the case yesterday during the PRSA luncheon. In lieu of a standard presentation, chapter staff … Read more

Tom Hopkins’ How To Sell Anything program is still powerful

A recent addition to my professional development is both old and new. Tom Hopkins’ “How To Master The Art of Selling Anything” is proving to be a very valuable training program. Although first recorded in 1979, his principles and strategies are timeless. Its 24 sessions offer a comprehensive review of the selling process. Topics include … Read more