Social media becoming more important for business marketing

You may think you’ve heard all there is to say about social media, but brace yourself. If what commentators say comes true, social media will play an even greater role in our lives in the future. That can mean good things if your business is willing to take a forward position on this issue.

As I wrote in an earlier blog, what gives the loose collection of communications platforms the name social media is its social aspect: the notion that people use those tools to congregate, chat, gripe, compare notes, and otherwise socialize. Businesses that choose to participate have a chance to reach those audiences. They must engage the audience, however, not just promote to them. Traditional advertising venues – print, broadcast, direct mail, and such – still have their place. But today’s marketing is increasingly through social media channels.

A quick Internet search for “social media trends” brings up dozens of pages of articles. I chose two at random to read. Bloggers Bradley Mazeko and David Armano offer their lists of projected trends for 2012, and both predict an enhanced presence of social media as a concept. One big factor is that today’s audiences are using social media while engaged in traditional media (mostly television). Marketers should take note, and adapt their social media strategies accordingly.

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Social media important for many businesses

It seems nearly every day someone is offering a seminar or webinar on social media. We’re told to sit in and learn about the various social media tools and social media strategies. You wonder: What more could be said about social media? What does all this mean for me and my business? Good questions.

Too often presenters talk about the various components of social media without fully explaining why businesses should be involved. Without understanding the why, you can’t fully appreciate what you’re missing. You also won’t know how to properly use those powerful marketing tools. Without that understanding, business people blindly post tweets, blog columns, and videos, and then wonder why they don’t get a reaction. They also quickly lose faith and stop their efforts.

Regardless of the industry they’re in, many businesses benefit from incorporating a social media strategy in their overall marketing efforts. You may still use some traditional media, but if you are trying to reach consumers, you should consider social media, as well.

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