Need a vacation? Take one, but make the most of it

Even though summer is nearly over – at least for us in the Northern Hemisphere – there still is some time to get away and relax. Of course, some of you may be planning your winter vacation already. Regardless of when you plan to escape,  I’d like to  offer some suggestions to help make the trip more pleasant.

This list is not and cannot be exhaustive. I’m sure you’ll have your own thoughts and tips. Let’s say it’s a reminder of things to do or not do to help you really enjoy your time away. You are, after all, planning to escape to (supposedly) relax. That brings me to the first suggestion.

1. Leave the laptop and phone at home. Your world won’t come crashing down on you if you don’t check for messages for a week. Make sure you wrap up on what projects you can, and delegate the rest. Bring along your gear, and you’ll be constantly glued to that at the expense of your relaxation. You’ll come back no better than when you left.

Think you can’t go for a week without e-mail? Check out Timothy Ferriss’ book, “The 4-Hour Work Week.” He goes without for months at a time and doesn’t miss a beat.

2. Pack lightly. Americans tend to bring an outfit for every part of every day. One good thing about the airlines’ weight restrictions on baggage is that it forces us to economize. You really need just a few casual combinations for the evenings. (Who really cares if you wear the same sport shirt more than once?) Think hard. You’ll be surprised at what you can leave home.

For more suggestions on what to pack, take a peek here.

3. Don’t plan too much. By that I mean your daily schedules. You may want to do an excursion during your trip, but wait until after you’ve been settled in for a day or so to book that. The fewer decisions you try to make in advance, the less stressed out you’ll be. Part of the fun of travelling is improvising while at the destination. Roll with the tides.

4. Check out the area. All-inclusive resorts, in particular, can get a little stale by the 5th day. (A lot sooner for some people.) Take an excursion around the mid point of your vacation. It’ll break up the monotony very well, and, one hopes, be a worthwhile venture.

5. Be careful. Common sense prevails while you’re away. You’ll find many useful tips in this column.

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