Minimize jargon to ensure a clearer message

Do you know what UCOM, CAAT, and End Evening Civil Twilight mean? Unless you have the proper experience, you might not recognize these.

Each is an example of jargon specific to a given industry or organization. Respectively, they refer to Unified Command, Computer Assisted Audit Techniques, and that time of night when it’s too dark to see with the naked eye.

Government agencies are notorious for using acronyms and unusual terms. Business people can be guilty of this, as well. Conversations and written communications are sprinkled with industry jargon and company terminology.

That’s fine when communicating with others in your field, but it can be quite confusing to an outsider. Review each “inside” word or phrase in your text. What common words can you use instead? Consider asking someone outside of your department to read your copy. If that person doesn’t understand your comments, chances are your intended reader won’t, either. Replace trade lingo with common language when possible for a clearer message.

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