Corporate gifts and apparel enhance morale and brand image

We’ve all attended conferences and other business functions during which individuals were recognized for outstanding performance or other noteworthy accomplishments.

Those may seem like routine affairs, but they actually play a crucial role in the development of employee morale and loyalty, according to Tim Geiger, Vice President of Geiger, Inc. in Waukesha, Wis.

“Recognition goes a long way,” he says. Employers and managers should be thankful for a job well done and for length of service. Even suppliers should be recognized on occasion for their role in a business’ success.

Such recognition can come in many forms. Plaques and awards (often made of glass or acrylic) are very common, but consider also ribbons, trophies, clocks, and other fine items.

Don’t limit yourself to the ordinary. Golf accessories, portfolios, sport bags, umbrellas – the possibilities are nearly limitless. According to Geiger, if the product can be etched, lasered, embroidered, or silk screened, it can be offered as a gift.

Corporate apparel is another important component, Geiger says. Displaying a corporate logo provides additional visibility for your firm, and helps build morale and a sense of teamwork among your employees.

“Whether at a trade show or company picnic,” he says, “the apparel gives employees a sense of ownership in the company.”

Geiger says that embroidered apparel is popular in all industries and with all levels of employees. “It’s about taking care of what should be their best asset: their employees,” he says.

Turnaround times vary by the type of product and size of order, but generally speaking you should expect five to seven working days for awards, and up to 10 working days for embroidered apparel. If you need something faster, of course, ask. The supplier can often accommodate rush orders.

Sometimes customers offer to supply their own t-shirts for printing. Geiger says that with the volume discounts he gets, the price difference is negligible. Plus, if one piece is bad, he can quickly replace it. Not so if the shirt is supplied by the customer.

Polyester jackets can cause problems too, Geiger says. Those produced for the consumer market are treated to resist stains and water, which makes it difficult to silk screen onto the jacket. Bottom line: let your supplier use its stock of shirts and jackets. That firm has numerous styles and colors to choose from.

Not sure what to buy? If the supplier has a showroom, stop by and review their selection. Discuss your needs and budget, and ask for their advice.

Tom Fuszard, content writer, blog writing, pr writing, web copy



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