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I returned early this morning from Las Vegas. No, I wasn’t gambling. Instead, I attended No Excuses Summit 3, one of two annual events for the network marketing community. And what an event it was.

Two and one-half days of solid training. We heard from many of the industry’s top leaders (Ray Higdon, Todd Falcone, Sonia Stringer, Pam Herrmann, Jonathan Budd, and others), and had the chance to go one-on-one with several during the breakout sessions.

Industry conferences offer you a chance to learn, be inspired, and grow in a very supportive environment. Presentations are geared to teaching you how to enhance your business. 

Subject matter covered during No Excuses Summit 3 covered nearly every aspect of the business:

– Prospecting/recruiting
– Marketing, including Facebook, blogging, webinars, and copywriting
– Developing your mindset
– Analyzing your personality profile
– Coaching
– Cutting edge new software/technologies coming

How often can you get this sort of training and knowledge, plus direct access to industry leaders, for just a few hundred bucks? Like many people, I was a bit skeptical. Wondered whether it was worth the cost. No more. You get true value that is worth far more than the cost of the ticket, hotel room, and airfare.

The hardest part for me will be implementing everything I’d like to do. During the event I made a list of more than 20 action items I’d like to accomplish (or at least seriously consider) in the coming days and weeks.

Look at your business. Could you do be more successful? Are there aspects of your business that could be improved? How often do you invest in training? View it as an investment rather than an expense. That training, which should include attending at least one national conference each year, truly can offer a return on your investment.

Take a moment now to research the industry conference(s) available to you. Commit to at least one. Attend with an open mind; a mind like a sponge that is hungry for new information. Attend with a desire to make new friends, possibly even business associates (known as JVs or joint ventures). You will find it a truly worthwhile and rewarding experience.

Tom Fuszard, content writer, blog writing, pr writing, web copy



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