Back up your computer and websites regularly

Back up your computer files and websites regularly to overcome a loss

Do you back up your computer files and websites? If not, you’re risking serious loss.

There is no one best way to back up your computer. Just do it (if I may be so bold as to stealĀ  a popular phrase).

For your computer files, an external hard drive or even a thumb stick can work. To avoid loss of that, store the device in another location. Your computer could pick up a destructive virus. Your home could be hit by a fire, flood, burglary or other calamity.

Speaking of large calamities, we’ve all seen what happened when Storm Sandy mowed through the northeastern part of the United States. You should also consider an offsite or onlineĀ back up storage option. Placing copies of your files literally hundreds or even thousands of miles away.

Back up your websites, too. There are free services, but it’s best to pay for this. It’s inexpensive insurance. Hackers are very skilled nowadays. Imagine the effect on your business if your website(s) were taken down. Purchase a good online backup service. I use BackupBuddy, which transfers files to Dropbox. (Basic BackupBuddy is $75.00 per year. Dropbox offers a certain amount of storage for free.)

Don’t wait until a problem strikes. It’ll be too late. Back up your computer files and websites regularly. You’ll be so glad you did, should a loss occur.

While you’re at it, why not review your home office for ergonomic design. I offer some tips in this blog post.

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