Ergonomic workstation enhances productivity, reduces stress

More than 18 months into the COVID era, many people are accustomed to working from home. Some were thrust into it. Others had good arrangements in place when the time came to work remotely. Working from a desk comfortably can be a challenge anywhere. Many businesses strive to create comfortable and ergonomically designed work areas. … Read more

3 Tips for Participating in Virtual Meetings

Among the many effects of the pandemic is the exponential growth of teleconferencing and video conferencing (by Zoom, for example). Businesses are holding virtual meetings daily and sometimes multiple times per day. That increased frequency affects workers throughout the organization. It’s not just executives or managers who are participating in the virtual meetings. Even junior … Read more

Simple steps to improve your listening skills

With all the talk about honing our communication skills, we rarely hear about improving our listening skills. Yet those are just as important. Good listening skills are especially critical in a business environment. Listening attentively saves valuable time throughout your organization. As you know, time is money. People who listen carefully make fewer mistakes. Customer … Read more

Business Articles Get You Noticed

Asked to provide examples of marketing and public relations efforts, most people mention brochures, folders, advertising and news releases. Often overlooked are articles submitted to trade and business publications. That’s unfortunate. Articles offer great opportunities to promote your firm in a subtle way and get you noticed among your industry peers. Follow these guidelines to … Read more

Simple Tips for Editing and Proofreading Copy

Editing and proofreading tend to go together. Yet they are distinct activities, as you’ll see below. A comprehensive discussion is beyond the scope of this post. Instead, I’ll review how editing and proofreading apply in a variety of situations. The difference between editing and proofreading Editing involves looking for better ways to convey the information. … Read more