Be a teacher and a student

Study the material with an eye toward offering it to others

If you’re serious about being successful in business–and I’m sure you are–you understand the value of continuing education. I’m not referring to professional continuing ed. That’s important, too. Instead, I’m talking about the programs you buy or otherwise acquire to help you build and maintain skills. Topics can include sales/marketing, customer service, time management and so on.

Another part of your professional development comes in the form of teaching and coaching. Imparting your knowledge and expertise in others builds your credibility and positions you as a leader. As you study that training material, think of ways you could offer it to others. It could be as a blog post or short video. A synopsis of the material is sufficient; just hit on the high points. If you found that subject matter interesting, you can bet others will as well.

Where do you find material that you can use? You’re familiar with the platforms, but we’ll review some of them here:

– Conferences and trade shows, especially during breakout sessions.
– Other seminars in your area
– Webinars and teleconferences
– DVD and CD packages geared toward training
– Books and other printed material

A seminar I attended recently formed the basis of a blog column. You can read that here.

Get maximum mileage out of all your training. Turn it around and offer it to the marketplace. Let others benefit as you have. Be a teacher and a student.

¬†For additional tips to help you throughout your day, see “How to be more productive in 3 easy steps” and “Practice firm time management for a more productive day.”

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