5 ways to help others succeed

Helping others succeed is the cornerstone of a business professional

Successful business people know that many steps were required to reach that status. One of those, of course, is hard work. But they also know that helping others succeed in business is an important component in their own growth.

How can  you help others succeed? Here are five suggestions to keep in mind. Most are geared around networking events, but they can be used any time. (I talk more about networking in this column. Watch the accompanying webinar, too.)

1. Ask probing questions. During business networking events we tend to ask basic questions like, “What does your firm do?” That’s OK, but to help others succeed you should probe deeper. Ask:
– How can I help you?
– What are you looking for in a prospect?
– Who is a good customer for you?

Sure, you won’t be out prospecting for that person, but at least you’ll have a better understanding of how you can help.

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