A successful business requires strong organizational skills, branding efforts

Running a business is no easy task. Owners wonder how they will juggle all the duties and still run a profitable business. That’s understandable, says Christine McMahon, a performance trainer, business coach, and consultant. A lot hinges on being organized and disciplined, McMahon says. And a big part of that discipline involves organizing your time.

McMahon, president of Christine McMahon & Associates LLC, in Milwaukee, says that business owners must first determine which tasks are essential. “Define what’s negotiable; what you can give up and what you are not willing to give up,” she says. “What is on your docket today is most important.”

Be committed to the project. Don’t let interruptions (noise, phone calls, and such) distract you. Also, be willing to share the workload. Don’t try to dabble in all facets of your business. While that helps you stay abreast of the various functions, it’s simply not possible to do everything well. Outsourcing some tasks, such as bookkeeping, may prove beneficial, she says.

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