Success secrets of super achievers

Want to be successful? Follow those who are.

What are some of the secrets to success? If you want to know, ask the super achievers. That’s what Jim Stovall did for his book, “Success Secrets of Super Achievers.” It’s a great book, and I recommend you track down a copy.

Jim contacted or interviewed dozens of successful people to get their views on success and how people can achieve it. Here are just some of the tidbits of wisdom he received:

– Be persistent
– Stand up for values
–¬†Success is having a positive effect on others.
– Preparation, preparation, preparation
– Have a reasonable, commendable and achievable goal. Pursue it with determination.

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  1. Great article Tom. The simplicity of Business Success is phenomenal. I’m always fascinated when Business Owners try to complicate it instead of doing what matters.

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