Getting involved in local volunteer opportunities: What should I do?

Volunteering opportunities abound. Determine what you like to do, and make that call.

Perhaps you’re thinking of volunteering somewhere–you know deep down that there are many local volunteer opportunities–but you’re unsure what to do and whom to contact. Start by determining where your talents lie and what you like to do. How would you like to help others? Some possibilities include:

– Mentoring, tutoring
– Cleaning up streets, parks and other public places
– Serving meals and providing other personal services
– Writing, publishing, graphic design for websites, newsletters or other marketing materials
– Fixing things: cars, equipment
– Making things: arts and crafts; other items
– Doing general office tasks

The list is almost endless. But it starts with you determining what you can offer others. Then, contact the appropriateĀ organization(s) to offer your services. Everyone has needs; many volunteering opportunities await you.

Volunteering doesn’t have to entail a huge commitment; an hour or two per month may be all that’s needed. But you will make a difference in someone’s life–perhaps many lives–and be personally enriched for doing so. Pick up that phone, and make a difference.

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