Reminders regarding your online presence

Three reminders on a variety of topics related to your online presence. These thoughts were triggered by recent experiences. Perhaps I can save you some problems.

1. Visit your websites daily. Make sure they are visible. Perhaps the hosting firm experienced a problem. (GoDaddy has had several issues over the past eight months or so.) If there is a problem, contact the hosting firm immediately. I have found Twitter to be quite effective for this purpose, but you can contact them directly, too. Bear in mind that the problem could be confined to a select number of websites. The hosting firm may not know about the problem until customers (people like you) contact them.

While reviewing your site, check that all elements and sections are there. I’m experiencing a quirk with one site. It’s also a WordPress site but uses the Sales Letter theme. Each time I edit copy the web form drops off. I have to go back to Aweber to grab the HTML code. It takes only a couple seconds to embed to code, but it’s really annoying. Always view your web pages after performing edits.

2. Check your backlinks. External links are particularly susceptible. Pages can be moved and websites can be taken down. You don’t want visitors to click on a dead page. Check any links you find on your pages. It takes just seconds, and can prevent a visitor from having a bad experience.

3. Monitor your ad campaigns. Shouldn’t have to stress this, but some people set up campaigns and then essentially walk away. You should check in at least once a day. Among other factors, you’re keenly interested is the click-through-rate. If you’re getting clicks but no conversions, you’re spending money needlessly. Pause any ads that don’t seem to be converting, or you’ll just run up your ad bill. Adjust your ad copy, ad specifics, or web copy (or all three) until you get better performance. Otherwise an ad campaign can be pretty costly.

I hope these suggestions help. Good luck as you continue to build your online presence and business.

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