Are you a good listener?

Develop good listening skills to set you and your firm apart

One component of good customer service is good listening skills. By listening well, we prevent many problems from occurring, thus avoiding situations that could irritate a customer.

In this video I review an incident that teaches two lessons: Listen carefully and speak professionally. The incident occurred at a grocery store, but it could have taken place in nearly any business, including yours.

Do you have a strategy in place to teach effective listening and speaking skills? If not–and few businesses do–you may want to give your employees a refresher.

Have you encountered a business person who just didn’t seem to be listening? What happened? And how do you feel about the opening line, “How’re you doing?”? Feel free to┬ácomment below.

For additional reading, see “How to improve your listening skills” and “Commit to maintaining good listening skills.”

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2 thoughts on “Are you a good listener?”

  1. Hey, JC. It’s all about offering personalized service. Anything out of the ordinary is new and therefore refreshing.

    Another example I forgot to mention is one I use on the phone. When someone calls, I’ll often say, “Happy [day of the week]!” That keeps me from automatically saying, “How’re you doing?” Try that one, too.

  2. I am glad I made the time to watch this video. Working for a major grocery chain I found this video to be very helpful and very truthful about the automatic Hi, how are you? I never thought that a customer might be put off by this interaction. I do plan on taking this information and training my co-workers to start saying Hi, nice to see you(again). We are always looking for improved ways to engage our customers, I think this will be a great start.
    Thanks Tom/

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