Enhance your marketing with audio programs

Audio training programs add sound dimension

Have you considered audio as a means for delivering your content? If not, you should. It’s fairly easy and inexpensive to get involved, and the results are quite impressive.

For this column we’ll focus on the technical side. I’ll leave the content to you. The basic components and steps for creating audio files include:

Software: When I got involved about a year ago, Audacity was the choice for PCs. Mac users were directed to GarageBand. Now it appears that the programs are available in both platforms. You can get free versions; do your research and select the program that’s right for you.

Headset: Don’t rely on the microphone in your laptop. You’ll get higher quality sound and avoid much of the background noise with a headset. Search online. There are many styles and price points to choose from.

Sound dampening system: Even though you’ve closed the doors and windows and put on your headset, you’re bound to get some background noise. See the “high tech” method I use to eliminate that.

Editing: Cut out breaths and background noises. Redo any parts where you flubbed (missed the script, didn’t enunciate well, dropped some um’s or ah’s). Once finished, create the mp3 file.

These files can be posted to your blog or other site, sent out in emails, or packaged for sale. That package, by the way, could also be offered as a bonus for another product you offer.

You can do a lot with an audio file and package. They add a valuable dimension to your marketing efforts. I encourage you to begin producing audio files. You’ll have fun and enhance your overall marketing strategy.

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Do you produce informational audio files? What has been your experience with this format? I’d love to see your feedback. Feel free to comment below. If you liked this post, could you do me a favor and share it with others? You may use any of the buttons below. To contact me, send an email.

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