What’s in your dream folder?

If you’re like most successful business people, you regularly set goals and objectives. You post your list prominently and review your goals regularly.  Doing so keeps you focused and motivated. Would you like to take your personal development further? Perhaps enhance your motivation and therefore the chances for success?

Create a dream file. That’s right, a dream file.

You see, one problem with a list of goals and objectives is that it’s just words and numbers on paper: There isn’t a visual aspect to your list. How, after all, do you visualize a new and higher annual income?

A dream file allows you to literally picture the consequences of that higher income: what you’d like to acquire, attain or do. The images can come from any source; as you’ll see from the video, I grabbed ads from a magazine. The source isn’t important. What is critical is that you take this step and use your collection of images to inspire you daily.

You’ll note that I include images of cars, hotels and a high-end resort. These are just some of the things I’d like to acquire or do on a regular basis. (The images can be actual items or just representative of what you have in mind.) Your images can be in a folder as I have done, or affixed to the wall by your workstation. Make sure your pictures are visible all the time. You want to keep reminding yourself of what is possible. Because, as you remain focused and optimisitic, you will eventually reap those rewards.

You can use this process to attain any need. Perhaps you’re interested in improving a relationship or getting involved in volunteer projects on a regular basis. Post appropriate images to help point yourself in the proper directions.

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Do you use this process? What items or projects are featured in your dream folder or on your wall? Feel free to share your thoughts below. If you liked this post, could you do me a favor and share it with others? You may use any of the buttons below. To contact me, send an email. Best wishes in achieving your dreams!

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