A wrong-number call becomes a sales call with proper technique

 Learn how to turn a wrong-number call into a sales call

What do you do when you receive a wrong-number call? Just hang up? Turn it into a sales call with the simple steps discussed here:

1. Learn how to turn the conversation in your favor, and what precisely to say.

2. Promote customers or partners whenever possible, especially if you’re unable to help the person.

3. Provide your name and contact information. The person reached you in error, and won’t have your information.

4. Be brief. Keep the call to a maximum of two minutes. Be considerate of the other person’s time. Also, be prepared to end the conversation if the caller becomes impatient.

Try this strategy the next time you receive a wrong-number call. What do you have to lose? You would normally hang up anyway.

For a complete explanation of this process, see my other blog column on this topic.

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