5 traits of a good leader

What makes a good leader? Certain traits and skills stand out

Everyone has their ideas of what constitutess a good leader. Whole books are written on this topic. An earlier blog column offered some suggestions on how to be a good manager. Here are five more tips to help you become a good leader.

traits of a leader, how to be a good leader, being a good leader, how to be a manager1. Stay sharp. Professional development includes courses and workshops on the intricacies of managing. Workplace dynamics have changed. More workers are demanding flex time shifts, telecommuting options, and so forth. Those changes can affect employee relationships and morale. Your leadership techniques must adapt to these changes. Personalized coaching sessions may be of value, too.

2. Be firm. The overarching goal is to ensure the strength and vitality of the organization. Some employees or teammates may feel their way is better. Explain why a particular course of action is necessary, and make your decision. When possible, use suggestions from staff. They feel more like a part of the process. But in the end, it’s your organization. Stand firm on policies and procedures.

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