How to be more motivated

Lack of motivation can be addressed with structure, direction

Do you sometimes lack motivation to work on your projects? Ever experience one of those days when you have no motivation to do anything? Some days you just can’t bring yourself to boot up that computer or dig into your pile of work. All of us do on occasion. How do you get over that “hump” and get going?

 Plant on handThese 4 tips should help get your morning started right and help you stay motivated throughout your day.

1. Develop an agenda. Unless you are highly disciplined, a day without structure can cause aimlessness. Your mind wanders. You look around the room for something else to do. (Hey, the newspaper looks pretty inviting, doesn’t it?) You start surfing the sports or gossip websites. You need structure in your day. You need an agenda.

As I discuss in another column, an agenda plots out your day in set increments. An agenda dictates what you will work on and when. You stay focused on the various tasks you’ve set out for yourself. At the end of the day you realize you’ve accomplished quite a bit. Even more amazing, you look back and remember how you suffered a lack of motivation earlier in the day.

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