Sales tip: Overcome challenges and use professional angles

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Cold calling, as we learned in Sales 101, is rarely easy; indeed, it’s about the least effective method of prospecting. But sometimes you have to call.

In this video I offer two bits of advice: Overcome “speed bumps” that occur, and make use of professional angles.

You’ve heard a lot about overcoming objections. Other “speed bumps” can crop up during the call, causing you to pause. You might even be inclined to hang up. But you must continue. Dealing with challenges is a part of everyday life in sales.  A recent experience with a prospecting call offers some telling lessons.

When I called this business, I learned that the individual I wanted to speak with, Jim, died more than a year ago. “Now what?” I thought. It would’ve been easy just to hang up, but I couldn’t. I knew that, as a salesperson, I can’t let a little issue like that stop me.

I had the current owner, Tim, on the line. To help establish my credentials,  I dropped mention of my professional affiliations – business person here in New Berlin and a member of the New Berlin Chamber of Commerce. (Along with the purpose of my call, of course.)

Tim agreed to an appointment, which would not have occurred if I had simply hung up the phone when I encountered that initial “speed bump.” I believe, also, that working in the local angles helped.

Morals of the story: Be prepared to “think on your seat,” and work in those professional angles appropriately.

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