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Sales referral program helps you and customer

Sales is a two-way street, as any veteran sales person knows. While you should be (and need to) make sales, it’s equally important to help your customers whenever you can. You should take the consultative approach to selling, and always look for ways to assist clients apart from the solutions you can offer with your products or services.

Here are some referral program ideas:

1: While meeting with a client he mentions that he wants to hire an IT person. Coincidentally, during a networking event two nights prior I met a person who works for an employment firm specializing in IT positions. I put the two in touch.

Stay tuned to clues from your customers and prospects. Sometimes, like the example above, the person states what he needs. Most of the time, though, the need won’t be as obvious. Listen carefully.

2: A client contacted me to redesign his magazine ads. I had written some articles for him, but ad design is beyond my capabilities. (My previous employer, an ad agency, designed and placed the ads initially.) I was happy to refer a very capable ad agency to handle that task.

3: During a recent networking event I met two individuals who were new to the networking scene. In addition to talking about my business opportunity, I discussed several networking events that I enjoy attending.

Be willing to lend your expertise and guidance. Do so without any expectations. Sure, you may benefit from a sale someday, but you will gain the satisfaction today of knowing you helped someone in some fashion.

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Do you occasionally offer referrals? Have any examples you’re particularly proud of? Feel free to share them below. If you found value in this post, could you do me a favor and share it with others? Thanks.

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