Principles learned from Pathfinder mission, #5
Embrace eccentricity

Principles learned from the Mars Pathfinder mission.

Adapted from the book, “The Mars Pathfinder Approach to Faster-Better-Cheaper” (Pritchett and Muirhead,1998).

Embrace eccentricity.

Some of the author’s comments: “Go to an extreme. Give yourself permission–no, an order–to reach beyond the conventional approach. Don’t allow your thinking to land on the predictable solution. Reach out there! It needs to be novel.

“You’ve got to be willing to look a little silly, to be seen as outrageous, offbeat or downright odd. Defenders of the status quo won’t be very happy with you, and they certainly can’t be counted on for support. Don’t look to them for approval. The point is to permit yourself to be a maverick if it enables you to add real value.”

People often question why we got involved in network marketing. Why we invested hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars to join a business opportunity. It’s because we envision a whole new life; a life outside the confines of “cubicle life.” This gives us the chance to become what we’re fully capable of. And to put our own stamp of individuality on our lives.

How about you? Do you feel “cubiclized”? Do you have a burning desire for a new way of life? Yearning to break free and fully assert yourself? Or, have you already struck out on your own? How is that going? Feel free to comment below, and please share this column with others if you found value in it.

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