Principles learned from Pathfinder mission, #1
Set goals that make you stretch


Principles learned from the Mars Pathfinder mission.

The first in a series of seven columns highlighting some of the principles from the book, “The Mars Pathfinder Approach to Faster-Better-Cheaper” (Pritchett and Muirhead, 1998)

Principle #1: Set goals that make you stretch.

Some of the author’s comments: “The most important aspect of how to begin deals with where you expect to end. Point yourself toward a dramatic destination. High expectations fire the imagination. When we aim our efforts toward something truly special, it stimulates us to think on a completely different scale.”

Salespeople have been told for decades to set their sights high – “Shoot for the moon,” experts say. But what about those folks not in sales? They. too, can and should set high goals and expectations for themselves. It’s very easy to get complacent. Force yourself to do more so you can become more. Don’t be content with the status quo anymore. You deserve better.

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