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An important aspect in any successful business is mentoring. Having access to a successful person in your field is so valuable. In the world of internet marketing, few names stand out like Mike Dillard’s. Right from the start–with Magnetic Sponsoring–Mike established himself as a talented and successful entrepreneur.

Mike Dillard, Magnetic Sponsoring, Live Free and ProsperOver the years he has launched at least two companies that each posted 8-figure sales totals. To say that Mike Dillard is successful is an understatement.

In early 2014, Mike decided to introduce a mentoring program. Called Live Free and Prosper, this program allows members to gain advice directly from Mike. During each weekly webinar, Mike addresses nearly a dozen questions on a broad array of challenges to internet marketers.  The types of questions he gets includes:

1. What type of MLM or network marketing business to join. Mike emphasizes that the type of business isn’t as important as the skill set. Focus on mastering a skill, and you’ll do well in any industry. Mike’s passion is copywriting; that’s always a valuable skill. “The opportunity is not going to bring you results,” he says. The best business opportunity could fail without strong skills. Similarly, a strong skill set can ensure success in any industry.

2. Affiliate marketing is a great way to generate income without a large investment. A good place to start is Clickbank.com. This site offers ebooks in just about every category imaginable. You’re sure to find at least one subject of interest. While affiliate marketing can be lucrative, there are some important rules.

A. Never promote a product you haven’t purchased and don’t believe in wholeheartedly. Your reputation is on the line. Don’t jeopardize it by promoting simply for the sake of promoting.

B. Ideally, focus on products produced by those with established reputations. Sure, many lesser-known producers offer great products, but you can’t go wrong with an author whose integrity is established. Plus, it’s easier to sell works from known individuals. Which leads into Rule C:

C. Select products with good conversion rates and potential for profitability. Clickbank.com offers useful data on every product it carries. Focus your efforts on those ebooks that provide the highest potential for return.

Mike also offers valuable suggestions for websites during these webinars. Some of the tips he’s provided include:

1. Keep the design simple. Use only two or three fonts; that includes bold, ital. and colors. Minimize graphics, widgets and other items that distract or draw visitors away from your site. “Simple is elegant,” he says, “and elegance sells.”

2. Watch your background colors and theme. They tend to suggest gender. Black, for example, is more masculine. That’s OK if you’re targeting men. Otherwise, choose neutral colors or mostly white.

3. Offer just one option in your call to action. Visitors will select from the choices you offer. Mike has just one on his pages: either optin or buy, depending on what’s appropriate. Your copy should take your visitors to that step. Then, ask.

4. Have strong headlines, and think in terms of benefits. What will your customer gain or avoid by using your product(s)? Think like your customers as you write your copy.


If you want to be successful in network marketing / internet marketing, you would do well to follow someone like Mike Dillard. His current program, based around regular podcasts, is called Self Made Man. A quick internet search will bring you to his home page. (Though the material is designed for adult men, women can find value in it too.)

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