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Some network marketers wonder, why use video marketing? Quite simply, because it’s effective and relatively easy to do. Recall all the videos you’ve heard about that were extremely popular. So popular, in fact, that the news media picked up on them. I can’t promise that your internet video marketing will have the same results, but your videos can be popular nonetheless. Popularity leads to click throughs. Click throughs, as you know, are the first step in generating sales.

internet video marketing

Video web marketing should be an integral part of your network marketing efforts. Follow these suggestions to help you create a successful video marketing strategy.

1. Plan your video. Just like any presentation, you need to think through what you want to say and show. Don’t just wing it. Remember, this video is to showcase your knowledge and experience, as well as the product or service you offer. You’re trying to generate a following and leads. Put a lot of thought into your video.

Imagine the audience you’re trying to reach. What do you want them to do or know after seeing your video? Develop a clear goal before recording.

2. Write your notes or script. Again, don’t try to wing it. Start with an outline, as that will help keep you on message (and on time). Craft the words you want to say based upon your outline and objective.

3. Rehearse. Practice several times so your material is mostly memorized. You want to minimize glancing at your notes. You may find it helpful to tape your notes or outline next to the camera. That way your head doesn’t need to drop down to read your lines.

4. Arrange a clear setting for recording. You don’t need a studio, but your room should appear business like. Choose an area with an uncluttered background and reasonable lighting. A floor lamp placed nearby (but off camera) adds important fill-in light.

5. Act and speak naturally. The average viewer is not expecting an anchorman-like performance. Just be yourself. Imagine you’re talking with a couple buddies. Look into the camera lens, and speak in a conversational manner, using the types of gestures and head movements you normally offer.

6. Make use of the description box offered on the video channel. Write an interesting description of  your video, and place a URL to your blog or capture page at the beginning. That will be hyperlinked, allowing visitors to go to that site. Include your phone number so visitors can reach you easily.

7. Include a good keyword in the title and two or three in the description box. Don’t overload the description box, however. That’s what the tag box is for.

8. Subscribe to and “friend” others. Internet video marketing is a component of social media. Network marketing is all about building and maintaining relationships. The extent to which you engage and befriend others on the video platform has a bearing on the popularity of your channel. Spend a few moments each day reviewing video channels, sending friend requests (even subscribing), and posting mature, professional comments on videos.

9. Promote your video. Unless you’re extremely popular on the video site (most likely YouTube), don’t assume that a newly posted video will draw attention. Post links on Twitter, Facebook, and your blog; send a message to your list; and otherwise get out the word.

Video web marketing is a powerful tool. Post good video content regularly, and you will see your following grow.

If you found this column valuable, I’d appreciate it if you passed it along. What have you learned from your video marketing efforts? Feel free to comment below. I’d love to hear from  you. Also, you’re welcome to follow my YouTube channel. Send me a message, and I’ll “friend” yours as well.

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