Enhance your business with Mike Dillard’s mentoring program

An important aspect in any successful business is mentoring. Having access to a successful person in your field is so valuable. In the world of internet marketing, few names stand out like Mike Dillard’s. Right from the start–with Magnetic Sponsoring–Mike established himself as a talented and successful entrepreneur.

Mike Dillard, Magnetic Sponsoring, Live Free and ProsperOver the years he has launched at least two companies that each posted 8-figure sales totals. To say that Mike Dillard is successful is an understatement.

In early 2014, Mike decided to introduce a mentoring program. Called Live Free and Prosper, this program allows members to gain advice directly from Mike. During each weekly webinar, Mike addresses nearly a dozen questions on a broad array of challenges to internet marketers.  The types of questions he gets includes:

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