Get rid of old e-mails

Busy businesspeople can be real pack rats. Papers, files, books, magazines, and countless other items pile up throughout the office.

The same holds true for e-mails. With the volume of messages that arrives each day, it’s not uncommon for dozens to remain in the inbox waiting to be disposed of. Each message left at the end of the day is one more that you need to face the next day. I speak from experience.

Make a point to spend five to ten minutes at the end of the day clearing out your messages. Think AAD:

Act on it, Archive it, or Delete it.

Often we pass on an e-mail until we can “get around to it.” Consider the end of the day  ‘Round To It time. Attack those outstanding messages with a vengeance. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you can clean up old mail. And how satisfying it is to leave the office with a relatively empty inbox.

Of course, if you can reduce the number of messages hitting your inbox, you can limit the amount of time spent clearing out. Unsubscribe from those lists whose mail you no longer pay any attention to. Take a good, hard look at the businesses you currently receive mail from, and unsubscribe from as many as you can.

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