Detailed requests for information produce more valuable results

How often have you fired off a message that says “Send me what you have on [product X].”? Do you really want—and can you use—all that information? And do you want your employees spending valuable time researching all known facts and figures? Get right to the point, and ask for just the facts you need.

If all you’re interested in is sales information about a particular model during a recent promotion, ask for it. Or, perhaps you’d like an update on the marketing expenditures for that line. Or how many of each model are still in stock. Be as specific as possible in your requests. That will minimize calls or e-mails from staffers requesting clarification. Use separate messages for each topic, and be sure to send them only to those employees who can act upon your request. You will save valuable employee time and receive more useful information in return.

Tom Fuszard, content writer, blog writing, pr writing, web copy



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