4.5 steps for successful business networking event

Make the most of that business networking event

Business networking events can be invaluable for enhancing your business, in addition to increasing your social circles. With proper preparation and execution, you can maximize that networking event, and help ensure it meets your needs.

There are 4.5 steps to the process:

1. Develop your objective. Is it to garner leads, find a business partner/joint venture partner, or land a job?

2. Create a list of the individuals you want to speak with. Include names of organizations, in case the people on your list don’t attend. Seek out other attendees–and other organizations–to meet. The wider your circle, the better chance of achieving your goals.

Attend with a partnering mindset. This isn’t a one-way street. You are there to establish and eventually build relationships. If looking for prospects, for example, ask the other person: How can I help you? For more tips on how to engage others, read Business networking events vital to your success.

3. Record your notes and contact info as quickly as possible. You won’t remember key details the next day.

4. Send thank-you messages, and make sure you follow up on promises (regarding estimates, additional information, leads). Always follow through on promises.

4.5 Limit or, ideally, abstain from alcohol during the heart of the meeting. Keep a clear head while you’re talking with others. Your rep is on the line. Do you want to come across as a slobbering idiot?

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