5 natural ways to alleviate chronic headaches

Normally this blog focuses on best business practices. On occasion I encounter a topic that has wide-ranging appeal. Such is the case with this one: how to alleviate headaches. I wanted to share this information in hopes it could help you. Nearly half of the world’s adult population has an active headache disorder at any … Read more

3.5 tips to tackle a difficult situation

Life is full of challenges and difficult situations. Of course, you know that. You also accept it. If nothing else, dealing with tough situations is a learning experience: you grow and mature as a person. Knowing that doesn’t always make the task ahead any easier. Some obstacles can seem to be insurmountable (and might even … Read more

Playground at Malone allowed many to make
a difference

Americans are by nature of very giving people. Whether it’s with dollars or their two bare hands, we are always willing to help others. It’s not just during natural disasters, either. Many times people come together just to lend a hand. Building homes through Habitat For Humanity and other organizations Sprucing up parks, waterways and … Read more

Writers groups stoke those writing passions

writing tip, daily writing tip, writing classes, writing jobs, writers groupsDo you have a nail-biting whodunit inside you that is just itching to get out? Perhaps you’ve dreamed of writing for magazines. Or penning a blockbuster for the big screen. If these–and other–literary dreams need a little encouragement and assistance to become a reality, you might consider joining a writers group.

What is a writers group?

Also called a writers club, a writers group is a loose collection of writers who share their work and receive feedback from other members. Most groups are open, so you’ll encounter a wide variety of genres: fiction, nonfiction, poetry, screenwriting, blogs, magazines, and more.

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