Craft thoughtful messages after business networking events

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you know I value the power of networking. Because business relationships often begin at the personal level–the prospect has to like and trust you before he’ll buy from you–it is so important to establish those professional connections. Business networking opportunities provide one forum.

But after the networking event or other meeting, do you send a message? Is it thoughtful and insightful, or just another plug for your business? Leave a positive impression with a good message.

Start your message by reviewing the ideas or concepts you and the other person discussed. Include some of the finer points about the person that you observed. These can be personality or presentation (speaking) traits, as well as business skills you noticed. This way you recap the discussion and compliment the person at the same time.

You can accomplish all this in two, maybe three paragraphs. Then go into a reivew  of you and your firm. By starting your message as I state here (and talk about in detail in the video), you show respect for the other person. Your message is proof that you were listening carefully; that you were paying attention. It helps to take notes, too. Carry a small note pad with you, especially to business networking events. Business cards don’t always have sufficient room on the back.

Ask good questions, listen attentively, and take good notes. You then have the foundation of a thoughtful and meaningful message. It’s a message that your recipient will appreciate, and one that will leave a positive and lasting impression.

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