Put The Slight Edge to work for you

Use the principle discussed in The Slight Edge to help you achieve your goals

Would you like to make a change in your life? (Maybe more than one?) Incorporate the Slight Edge principle.

Popularized by Jeff Olson in his book, The Slight Edge, the principle is rather simple yet powerful: a significant long-term change can be accomplished by incorporating one or two small changes and sticking with them. As Jeff writes,

“Simple daily disciplines–little productive actions, repeated consistently over time–add up to the difference between failure and success.”

Later, he expands upon this concept.

“Do one simple, daily discipline in each of these seven key areas of your life–your health, your happiness, your relationships, your personal development, your finances, your career, and your impact–that forwards your success in each of these areas.”

Note that you can use this process to help you achieve your personal goals as well. I’m using it to help me lose weight, as I discuss in this video.

What goal(s) do you have? How might you apply the Slight Edge to achieve it or them? Feel free to leave a comment.

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2 thoughts on “Put The Slight Edge to work for you”

  1. People don’t realize how much they can change or improve by taking small, incremental steps. It’s pretty amazing. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Hi Tom, I love The Slight Edge. It has made a monumental change in how I approach my life. Thanks, too, for writing about the book and doing a video. This book is high on my suggestion list for those looking to improve themselves.


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