Hosting a webinar? These suggestions will help ensure smooth sailing

Having attended and hosted a number of webinars in recent weeks, I’ve developed a number of suggestions on how to host a webinar successfully.

This is an abbreviated list. I’m focusing on some of the mechanical or logistical aspects of the¬† webinar. For a more thorough discussion, see “Create a successful webinar.”

1. Test the webinar platform, even if you’ve used that webinar service before.¬†Deliver a short, say three-minute, test webinar. Essentially a dry run, it gives you the chance to familiarize yourself with the features. Watch the recording. Are any changes or corrections needed?

I use, and felt up until recently that I knew it pretty well. Anymeeting changed some facets late last year. As I was preparing for a webinar in January, I realized the changes affected how the program worked. It took me several tests to become acclimated to the changes. Give yourself time to become comfortable with the platform before hosting a webinar.

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