Presentation tip: Improve your presentation with pauses

Improve your oral presentation skills by incorporating pauses in your speech. Oh, I’m sure you pause on occasion. Everyone does naturally. But for maximum effect after a particularly dramatic or funny comment, pause for 4 to 6 seconds. (You may need to count in your head to make sure you wait long enough.) Doing so will … Read more

3 more tips to improve your oral presentation skills

If you follow my blog, you notice that I write frequently on the topic of presentation skills. Many columns are generated after sitting through a presentation or seminar. Such is the case today. I spotted a few “areas of improvement” (a term used in Toastmasters) during a presentation this morning. Reviewing these and those I … Read more

More tips to improve your presentation skills

Improve your oral presentation skills with these tips

In previous columns, including this one, I have offered a number of tips for improving your presentation skills. Having attended another presentation, I find the need to offer some additional reminders here. After reviewing my columns, you’ll note a pattern to these presentation gaffes.

1. Not using the microphone. The room was not particularly large and the ceiling was not high. Even so, presenters should have used the microphone. A cordless model came with the lectern. The first presenter tested the mic and, upon finding that it wasn’t turned on, ignored it. So did the rest of the presenters.

Remember that it is your responsibility as presenter to test all equipment. Ask for assistance if something is not working properly (or not on). Always use a mic if one is available.

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