How to increase customer loyalty

Build customer loyalty by being committed to customer satisfaction

Customer service seems to be in decline. Do you agree? Do you feel businesses are committed to improving customer satisfaction and loyalty?

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If you follow Jeffrey Gitomer, you know that one quality is more important than the other. Jeffrey, an experienced sales trainer and veteran sales person, touts the concept customer loyalty. In fact, he even wrote a book about it.

While at the bookstore recently I came upon a fascinating book, “The Art of Selling to the Affluent,” by Matt Oechsli (Wiley & Sons, 2005). In addition to the obvious information, Matt also chimes in on this topic of customer loyalty. Specifically, he offers his Seven Affluent Loyalty Principles. I recap them here, and offer some additional suggestions. You will see that many of these apply to average customers, as well.

1. “Don’t tell people about your service–show them. Creat a comfortable business atmosphere, on the phone, and especially in your physical place of business. Do not try to impress your affluent customers and clients with grandness. Instead, create an environment that is consistently courteous, comfortable, and helpful.”

Remember that you must provide high quality products and services, as well. Many firms say they offer the highest quality, but far too many fall short. Service tends to take a hit. Promises aren’t kept, and staff may be difficult to reach after the sale. Go beyond what others are doing–more on this in #3–and your customers will stick with you.

2. “Practice hospitality by doing little things. Do not allow anyone else to greet your customers or clients. Be there yourself when they come in the door. Do not make them site in front of a receptionist, waiting for you to get off the phone.”

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