How to get started as a speaker

Ever had the desire to become a professional speaker? I do. I’m still putting together the pieces, but what I’ve learned could help you in your quest to become a speaker. A full discussion of this topic is beyond the scope of one blog post, but I can offer some suggestions to get you started.

To help in my journey, I purchased Darren LaCroix’s “Get Paid To Speak Next Week” program. Using DVDs and a workbook, Darren shows you how to become a professional speaker from the ground up. The following is from that course.

First, ask yourself: “What do I enjoy doing? What am I really passionate about?” It could be a particular hobby, professional matter or social cause. There is an audience for just about every topic imaginable. It’s better to focus on something you know and love, than to try and force yourself to speak about a topic that just doesn’t resonate with you.

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